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My name is Dimitra Athanasakou and I’m a licensed psychologist and existential psychotherapist with a 10-year experience in the field. I hold my private practice in Nea Erithraia, in the northern suburbs of Athens. On this website you can find more info about therapy and me and the way I work therapeutically.

How can I help you

Lead a life that feels right for you

When it comes to your life, I think you’re the absolute expert to what feels ok for you. I am here to help you explore in more depth the things that come up in our discussions. I’m not trying to give you solutions to your problems, what I’d like to do instead is to help you shed some light on how you live your life and gain a better understanding of what really matters to you and what gives your life meaning. Through our discussions we’ll find out what is actually important to you. I truly believe that one of the most significant outcomes of therapy is for you to feel that your life is your own, that you’re able to consciously choose what you want to change and keep in place those elements that work well for you. Therapy is a place where you’ll be able to make more sense of things and find new possibilities in how you live your life!

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Who can benefit from therapy?

Quick answer: all of us! In the course of our life we have to face a certain number of challenges and difficulties; it is a part of the human condition. You might want to talk about some of these with someone who will really listen to you, non-judgementally, so you will feel safe without the need to apologise or explain yourself. Or you might want to get a better insight as to why you make the choices you do and act the way you do, or to what your real needs are. That place is therapy.

Whatever brings you to therapy, I want you to know that I welcome diversity and my space is open to all different aspects of life, including all races, sexes, sexual identities, political and religious views.

Some common issues people seek therapy:
  • Self-knowledge and self-improvement
  • Relationship issues
  • Sex and gender concerns
  • Feeling overwhelmed in everyday life
  • Emotional concerns
  • Phobias and obsessive thoughts
  • Issues at work or school
  • Sexuality and sex
  • Anxiety
  • Existential concerns
  • Psychosomatic symptoms
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