Short bio

I am a licensed psychologist (licence number 6639), graduating from Panteion University, with a 10-year experience in the field of psychotherapy. I have a Master of Science in Positive Psychology and I have completed my training as an existential therapist at γίγνεσθαι”, the Hellenic Society for Existential Psychology, which is certified from the European Association of Psychotherapy. I have been teaching existential therapy there as well, for the past five years. I am now an established existential psychotherapist with a private practice in the northern suburbs of Athens, in Nea Erithraia.

I have worked as a psychologist in the Hellenic Ministry of Citizen protection, providing psychological support and clinical evaluation of immigrants currently held at police stations and also at the immigrant camps in Amygdaleza, working with children and teenagers there. I have also collaborated with psy-dktyo for 4 years, providing low cost therapy for people with great economical difficulties. Earlier, I have volunteered as a psychologist in the Arsakeia-Tositseia schools and also at Perivolaki- the Greek centre of mental health for family and child therapy.

From September of 2014 and forward I have been an editor at the "Εποχή" magazine with a focus on Phenomenology and Existentialism.

I am a member of the Greek Association of Psychologists (ΣΕΨ) and The Society for Existential Analysis (SEA).